Mission Statement | Brit Poe

Mission Statement

Embracing Dark Destinies

My mission with the books that I write and publish is this:

To create fantasy fiction for adult readers with a diverse cast of chracters. Namely, flawed female characters who aren't the typical heroine. Their destinies have been twisted, darkened, or stolen - yet they rise to the occasion, embrace the darkness within, and still manage to save the themselves, the world, or a portion of it. These characters represent those who haven't had things easy or given to them, who haven't always lived up to expectations, or have experienced life-shattering reality-warping circumstances that permanently changed the trajectory of their life. I hope my readers can find something in my books that makes them decide to embrace their "darkness" and thrive, despite of it. Even if that means your darkness becomes your super power.

Core Values:

  1. Strength + Resilience - As women, we may not always believe in ourselves or fully understand the sheer stregth we possess - physical, mental, and spiritual. I strive to show the inner fortitude of women, even in our lowest of lows and prove that we can take action to direct our lives.
  2. Family - Blood-related or not, family is at the core of what I write. No one will ever be there for you like your family - to lift you, protect you, or simply hold your hand as you go through what you need to.
  3. Love - What's worth fighting for, if not for love? Love is the strongest magic in all of the universe. And without it, the human experience would be pretty awful.