The Dark Between | Brit Poe

The Dark Between

The Dark Between by Brit Poe

The thirst for revenge. The disappearance of souls. A partnership neither wanted.

Consumed for her desire for revenge, Lillis Blackburn intends to find out who killed her father and make them pay. The trouble? He's an immortal from the Netherworld.

Enter Dovakinn. Souls are going missing before he can extract judgment, which will disturb the balance between the realms. It's up to him to track them down before they fall into hands driven to manipulate them to gain power. And he needs all the help he can get to do it... even if that means teaming up with a necromancer for her rare and forbidden magick.

Helping an immortal — Lillis' sworn enemy — is an automatic no... until she learns he's the one person who can help her unravel the mystery of her father's murder. But as they're forced to work together, they soon unravel a bigger plot regarding the missing souls.

And the truth is more horrifying than they ever could have imagined.

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Meet The Characters

lillis blackburn

Lillis, a necromancer, spends her days performing dark magick for the elite of the Kingdom of Alderon.

In her free-time, she becomes obsessed with learning anything she can about the Azalites - an elusive race of immortals from the Netherworld who killed her father.

Every effort to track one down fails. That is, until one of them finds her.

Finally, her revenge seems close at hand.

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The Necromarked Series

A planned 4-book romantic dark fantasy series.

The Dark Between by Brit Poe

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