The Dark Between | Brit Poe

The Dark Between

The Dark Between by Brit Poe

Necromancy is forbidden.

When Lillis Blackburn comes of age, her dark powers manifest and resurrect her beloved pet unicorn. Now, death is owed a soul. It’s only a matter of time before the Kingsguard puts her on the executioner’s block.

Her powers have alerted her location to every Magick Tracker in the world—and Netherworld. When her father is brutally murdered by a creature from the Netherworld, Lillis has no choice but to join a rogue guild who can hide her until she can control her gifts.

The Order of Tearyn, a thieves’ guild of black magick ruffians, is a stark contrast to Lillis’ old life on a unicorn ranch, one she knows she’ll never get back again. Driven by revenge, Lillis throws herself into training to enter the Netherworld, seek out her father’s murderer, and take back the life she is owed.

All the training in the world couldn’t have prepared her for meeting him.

Dovakinn isn’t anything like she expected from a Netherworld immortal. He’s well-spoken, devastatingly handsome, and most importantly, has a proposal she can’t turn down. If she can locate the missing souls from his ledger, then he’ll help her find her father’s killer.

Can an Azalite be trusted? Not just with her revenge… but her heart?

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Meet The Characters

lillis blackburn

Lillis, a necromancer, spends her days performing dark magick for the elite of the Kingdom of Alderon.

In her free-time, she becomes obsessed with learning anything she can about the Azalites - an elusive race of immortals from the Netherworld who killed her father.

Every effort to track one down fails. That is, until one of them finds her.

Finally, her revenge seems close at hand.

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The Necromarked Series

A planned 4-book romantic dark fantasy series.

The Dark Between by Brit Poe

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