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Welcome to my blog! 

 February 22, 2020

By  Brit Poe

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my brand new blog on my author site!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know me through Thriving Scribes – my website dedicated to other authors (which this URL used to point to as well). So if that’s what you are looking for, don’t panic! You can find all my programs and content geared towards author here: www.thrivingscribes.com.

Now – if you’re new to this site, welcome! Here’s a bit about me.

First off, I’m a 20-something author of romantic dark fantasy. I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school. Fun fact – the first book I ever wrote was titled Morgan’s Accident and was the first in a “series” about the shenanigans of me and my best friends.

Outside of writing, I’m a serial entrepreneur, being passionate about supporting my family on my own terms. That quality of mine has lead me to many different corners of entrepreneurship including blogging, developing homeschool curriculum, brick-and-morter ownership, professional product review (yes, that’s totally a thing), personal assisting, coaching, and business strategist. I’m a little eclectic, as you can tell. 😂

But recently, I decided to switch my focus to my dream. Which is, and always has been, to be a published author. I also help other passionate author build their thriving author business combining strategy tactics and mindset work. And I love every single bit of what I do. Through all of my entrepreneurial escapades, I’ve never felt more fire, passion, and drive for what I do.

On a more personal level, I’m married to my highschool sweetheart turned Navy sailor and together we have 3 children who are always keeping me on my toes.

Apperently we don’t have a picture of all five of us together yet… how is that possible?!? Blame it on 2-month post-partum mom-brain, yal.

Together, we live in North Carolina – halfway across the U.S. from our Lousiana home town. Which means surviving deployments as a homeschooling, work at home mom means gallons of coffee, early hours, and 5-minute escapes into my TBR pile to fuel myself. But it is what it is and I love my crazy mess of a life.

I digress, enough about me, let’s dive into books!

A few reasons I started this blog:

  1. To share personal notes about myself, my writing, and my literary worlds. You’ll find this categorized under Author Notes.
  2. To share my love for the fantasy genre (and amazing authors who write it)! These may come in the form of books reviews, top-5 lists, or something else but you’ll always find these under Fantasy Books. 
  3. To chat with fellow authors. If you hadn’t guessed by me mentioning Thriving Scribes, I absolutely love chatting with authors and supporting indie authors so every now and then I might highlight a particularly special author for some bookish fun. For the most part, you’ll find these things under Author Interviews.

At the time of writing this post I have my first to-be-published novel coming out in the beginning of 2021! It’s the first in a planned 4-part series called Necromarked. Book 1 is The Dark Between. If you want to learn more, you can do so here:

The Dark Between by Brit Poe

The Dark Between

What do a necromancer working for a secret order and the Grand Magistrate of Souls have in common?

Nothing… other than being paired up to save the souls of the innocent.

May the Mother bless us all…

This book is currently set to release early 2021.

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Leave a comment. Share a random fact about you and what are you reading now.

  • I’m so excited to connect with you as a fellow writer and homeschool mom of 3. We’re in NC too!! ? I just bought the Thriving Scribes kit and am excited to get started!!

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