Project Aqua: An Introduction | Brit Poe

Project Aqua: An Introduction 

 December 2, 2020

By  Brit Poe

I've got another project in the works - and I want YOUR input!

Yes, I'm still working on the Necromarked series that's releasing in 2021 BUT I've also recently had the opportunity to participate in a multi-author collection. And I want your help.

But don't worry! You won't have to do any of the actual writing. But I totally thought it would be a fun idea to let you guys guide how the story takes shape.

Okay, but what does this mean? How will it work?

Each newsletter (they release 2x a month on the 1st and 15th) you'll have the chance to participate in some fun polls, giving me feedback, and sharing in the creative process. My hopes are that this will be super interactive and unlike anything I've ever done!

As time passes and your input is collected, I'll compile everything into the Secret Vault on my website so that it's all easily referable.

So now let's get to the how. This means giving you a peek into my creative process a bit. While this may shift a bit as time passes, I'm thinking the process will look a bit like this 👇

PHASE 1 - Worldbuilding / Brainstorming

We're in Phase 1 right now. There will be a ton of polls to determine the important things like setting, magic system, main character, and more. For the first couple of months, I will be sourcing all of these initial stages of world-building from the choices YOU make. Aside from the general "theme", this whole project is a blank canvas! You will be able to help me build it from the ground up.

PHASE 2 - The drafting

At the end of the worldbuilding phase, I will take all the decisions we've put together and actually make a story out of it. I'll start with chapter 1 and host it in the Secret Vault for you to read.

At the end of the chapter, you'll get 2-4 choices for what will happen in the next chapter. Think "Choose-your-own-adventure" type (if you remember reading those as a kid). And then, for better or worse, I will write what you decide.

This will last until the story ends. From there, I'll put it through editing and viola!

At the end of 2021... we should have a complete story!

Here are the project specs:

Genre: High Fantasy
Theme: Sirens + Greek Mythology
Length: 20k Novella

Want in on this fun adventure? All votes will be cast through my bi-monthly newsletter so make sure you sign up below. 👇

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