Brit Poe

Hey, I'm Brit - author of The Dark Between series and lover of all things bewitching, epic, and dark. I swoon over anti-heros and slowburn romance set in enthralling worlds. Basically, I'm just a fan-girl with a knack of creating my own tales. Read more below.

About Brit

I currently live in North Carolina with my Navy-Sailor husband, daughter, two sons, two Australian Shephards, and very anti-social (can you blame her?) cat.

I've got a thing for unicorns, that old book smell, and all things dark and lovely.

When I'm not writing, managing my businesses, or homeschooling the littles, I can usually be found on a nature walk or sipping on a caramel coffee.

As a family, we love traveling, exploring the nature, and never tire of Disney World.

But don't let that fool you. I 'm a proud believer of lazy days and binge-watching #allthenetflix

But, more than anything, I'm a dreamer. I've had my head in a book since before I could walk and writing came just as naturally. One of my favorite time's of day is when I get to sit down and revist my characters and worlds. I'm so excited to share them with you.

Also, as the founder of Thriving Scribes, my second home on the internet, I'm passionate about helping indie authors succeed through a combination of systems, strategy, & mindfulness practices. You can learn more about the work I do there by visiting: