Brit Poe - Dark Fantasy Author


Every great fantasy story should have a touch of romance and darkness.

The Dark Between


A four book series – currently in progress

If you are looking for a series starter featuring a fierce female lead and a world full of dark and wonderous magic, this is the book for you.

A feisty necromancer for hire. A brooding man from the Netherworld. A string of horrendous crimes against nature. This upcoming series from debut author Brit Poe will leave you enchanted.

Book 1 will be available in May, 2020.

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Before Darkness Rises is the prequel short story collection to The Dark Between Series.

Brit Poe is a fantasy writer who grew up reading high fantasy epics and all flavors of magic.

Now, she spends her creative energy penning stories about women embracing dark destinies and saving the world.

As a Navy wife and mom to 3 littles (2 dogs & a cat), she lives in the sea-side state of North Carolina. You can usually find her hiding out in her office, on a nature walk with said little people and dogs, or sipping on a caramel frappe surrounded by her laptop and books while dreaming up dark and dangerous worlds for her characters to live in.

She is the author of The Dark Between Series coming soon to Amazon in May of 2020.